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The one source effect

There are a whole raft of individual benefits in working with us. But we’re more than that – our partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts.

We approach every challenge commercially – always looking to harness new ideas, to go beyond targets and elevate expectations. However, because we don’t take a profit, our people, systems and processes are all designed to put your residents, businesses and communities first – just like you do.

By combining our people, services and technologies, we help you scale to today’s challenges, while ensuring you’re prepared for tomorrow’s.

Increased capabilities
There’s more than one way to help you achieve more. Yes, we find efficiencies, like the £200,000 we saved Havering Democratic Services. Yes, our size gives us leverage when we negotiate contracts for you. But equally, we invest in cutting-edge technologies – like SAP and Oracle Fusion – that help you increase the breadth and improve the quality of the services you provide.

Simple relationship
It’s never fun working with partners who insist on different business leads for different services. That’s why we give you a single client service contact (with a single email address). Whatever the question, whatever the service, whatever the solution: there will always be a single person responsible. Someone who’s an expert in what you do.

Bespoke services
Our people have a deep understanding of public sector and the unique challenges it brings. We’ll build our solutions around your organisation and the way you work – whether we’re providing a complete function, like Finance or Legal and Governance; or helping you tactically, for example the market research for a tender process, or securing PPE equipment through COVID-19.

Resident champions
Public service is in our blood. That’s why we create savings you can invest elsewhere. But we also improve outcomes for residents, business and communities in a myriad of other ways, from ethical debt collection, to creating ‘SPACES Civic Building of the Year 2019’ – Romford’s Sapphire Ice and Leisure. It’s why we regularly hit top satisfaction ratings for council services.

Genuine partnership
Our track record shows we can help most public sector organisations improve. Which goes beyond simply taking on activities or processes – we can help your entire organisation excel. But a key part of any partnership is honesty. We know the type of organisation we can help, and the organisations we can’t. We’ll always be honest with you about what’s achievable and whether we’d be a good fit.

Continuous improvement
Every step of way, we’ll be assessing our performance and the quality of the end product. Processes will continually improve, skills will continually be enhanced, and technology continually upgraded. The results will be shorter timescales, better services and more detailed data, along with reduced costs. And, as always, all these improvements will benefit you, your residents and businesses.

We have some of the most innovative and respected public sector shared services in the UK.

Your challenges are unique – but our experience makes us the perfect people to find the perfect solution. What’s more: we only work with the public sector. We share your passion for the communities you serve.