About us

Welcome to oneSource – the shared back office support service for Havering, Newham and Bexley Councils. We provide a shared service solution covering a range of transactional, operational and strategic services.

Since its inception, oneSource has made and continues to make significant savings of improvements to service delivery by:

  • Reducing duplication
  • Making efficiency gains by reengineering processes
  • Using the best skills and resources from all partner councils.

In April 2016, Bexley Council’s Financial Services joined the two founding councils. The three councils are estimating to achieve approximately £40M in savings by 2018/19.

To find out more, please read our annual reports.

oneSource has its own vision, values and ways of working, distinctive from the three councils. These reflect the sort of service we want provide to our customers.

Our vision is:

To be the one source of innovative support and affordable quality to public services. 

Our values are summed up as A – C – T

Accountable – we are open and honest, challenging and supportive

Customers, oneSource and you matter – we work collaboratively, everyone is important and plays a part

Think differently – we are open to change, we are flexible and innovative.