Workplace Mediation service

Conflict at work?

It’s time to talk.

Mediation helps restore working relationships.

  • It’s voluntary
  • It’s confidential
  • It resolves conflict

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What is mediation?
Mediation is an informal, confidential and voluntary process where an independent qualified mediator works with people who have a disagreement or misunderstanding. The aim is to help people to find their own solution and reach an agreement to sort out the problem.

Formal processes such as grievance or bullying and harassment, are often lengthy and tend to create further divisions. Unlike formal proceedings, mediation is not about winning or losing it is about exploring possible solutions through cooperation and mutual respect; it takes the emphasis away from the conflict and places it on restoring the working relationship.

Mediation is recommended whenever there is a breakdown in any working relationship.

How does mediation work?
Mediation is a one day process which brings all parties together in a confidential and safe environment; the mediator facilitates the communication and supports both parties to reach an agreement.

How can I access oneSource mediation services?
For more information, call on 07973 985 256 or email

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