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Using RAP

The Remote Access Portal (RAP) is used by authorised account holders to connect to either the Havering or Newham networks when working from home or other remote location using a pc or laptop. You must use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to be able to work remotely.

How to enrol for 2FA

Enrolment by existing Havering or Newham account holders must be undertaken whilst connected from within the relevant council network (not remotely) on a corporate issue pc or laptop. Instructions on the enrolment processes can be found here. Please ensure you follow the enrolment process for your relevant council

Please do not enrol if:

  • you do not need to work remotely
  • you use ‘direct access’ on a Council supplied laptop/pc for your remote connection

Setting up RAP

Once you have enrolled for 2FA, install the RAP software onto your personal device as follows:

Windows PC: RAP Installation Guide

Apple Mac: RAP Installation Guide

Using 2FA

In order to connect to RAP once you are enrolled for 2FA:

Havering account holders – go to https://rap.havering.gov.uk

Newham account holders – go to https://rap2fa.newham.gov.uk

When presented with the log-in window, after you have entered your PC log in user name and password, remember to enter your PIN and tokencode as a single string of numbers (no spaces).

RAP login

SafeNet (SAS) Self-Service Portal

You can manage changes to your SAS PIN code or request a tokencode by text message (if you have an SMS token) without having to contact the oneSource ICT Service Desk. Newham and Havering account holders have separate self-service portals, both of which can be accessed from https://onesource.co.uk/safenetss/. Make sure you visit the right portal or your account will not be recognised.

Further guidance on using the SAS Self Service Portal can be found in the Using the SafeNet SSPortal guide.

Suppliers and external partners

If you are a new supplier or an external partner requiring access to the Newham or Havering networks, then you must be enrolled for 2FA to connect remotely – this will be done as part of your initial account creation process.

If you are an existing supplier or external partner with an account and need your account to be enabled, please contact your Newham or Havering business contact who will request the enabling via the oneSource ICT Service Desk.

The supplier guide for using 2FA can be found here.

RAP FAQs and troubleshooting

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