RAP Support FAQs (old)


I have forgotten my SafeNet PIN

This can only be re-set for you by the oneSource ICT Service Desk – so why not save your PIN in your Password Safe and check it before you need to work from home. If it is reset by the Service Desk, it will be issued to you by text message to your mobile phone (as recorded in your SafeNet account details).

I have lost my next TokenCode

You can get a new TokenCode from the SafeNet Self Service Portal (click www.onesource.co.uk/safenetss and use the Resend SMS option).

I have been locked out of RAP

To authenticate successfully, you must enter all your log-in fields correctly; remember that for the SafeNet Authentication Service Password field, you must enter your PIN followed by your current TokenCode as a single string of numbers.  If you do this incorrectly 3 times in succession, your account will be locked for 15 minutes – you will be able to retry after this time.

Can I use RAP if I don’t enrol?

No – remote access to both the Havering and Newham networks requires 2Factor Authentication – but do not enrol unless you need to work remotely on a non-council issued pc/laptop

I have changed my mobile number – what do I do?

If you are a Newham user, update your mobile number in your Intranet Phone Book entry; you cannot do this remotely.  You need to allow for an hourly background synchronization process to take effect before SafeNet will recognise the new number.

If you are a Havering user, raise a Service Request asking for your mobile number to be updated for your SMS token.

How quickly will I get my 2FA text messages when I am enrolled

Each time you authenticate your remote log in you will be sent a text message with a new TokenCode for your next log in. You should receive these text messages within a few seconds of a successful log in.

Link to self-help fault diagnosis

If the guidance above does not resolve your problem, please use the RAP eform which will provide some self-help before raising a call with the ICT Service Desk.

I cannot see the oneSource Desktop Icon

Please check you are using Internet Explorer and not another browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox as these browsers are not support

When I log in via RAP I get an Authentication Failed error

This is caused by either entering your login password correctly, or your PIN + Token code being entered incorrectly.  Please check you have entered your 4 digit PIN number followed by your token code with no spaces If your login password has expired or is not accepted, please reset this using the self-service password reset facility