RAP Support FAQs

Can I use RAP if I don’t register?

No – remote access to both the Havering and Newham networks requires 2Factor Authentication – but do not register unless you need to work remotely on a non-council issued pc/laptop.

When will I receive my SMS TokenCode?

If you have registered as an SMS 2FA user, when you login with your usual work email and credentials you will then be provided with a code via SMS.

What do I do if I don’t get my SMS Token code?

Check that your credentials have been entered correctly on https://aka.ms/mfasetup. Make the necessary amendments and select save. Log in again and a code should be automatically send to you.

I have changed my mobile number – what do I do?

If you change your mobile number, go to https://aka.ms/mfasetup and update your contact details.

Can I use any web browser?

Windows device – You can use all web browsers except for Microsoft Edge.

Apple MAC – You can use Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, Firefox and Microsoft Edge do not allow this process to work on a MAC.

I cannot see a Desktop Icon

Please check you are using the relevant web browser for your device (see details above) and try again ensuring that one of the accepted browsers is used.

Site cannot be reached message

If the above time out message occurs, when typing in the URL, ensure that the full address has been used as below:

https://remote.Newham.gov.uk   or   https://remote.Havering.gov.uk

If problems continue, please do contact our Servicedesk

Our Servicedesk can be contacted by completing the Contact ICT about a RAP issue form.

We are not able to provide direct support for your personal hardware. Whilst we may be able to help identify the area of an issue, you will need to contact your ISP or systems provider to resolve any underlying difficulties.

I get an incorrect username or password message

Make sure you are using the correct username i.e.

For Staff – this is the same as your Newham or Havering email address

For external suppliers/3rd parties – this is usually your accountname@havering.gov.uk or accountname@newham.gov.uk. If this doesn’t work please raise a call using the e-form here.

If you are an external supplier/3rd party – your account myst be enabled. If it needs enabling please call your usual business contact or raise a call using the e-form here.

I have a MAC and cannot user Azure MFA

For MAC users if you have a RDP version below version 10, you must download and install Microsoft Remote Version 10. Any other versions must be uninstalled.