Annual Reports

AR 16-17Annual Report 2016-17
In 2016-17 we reduced operating costs by £9.5m for support services and continued to lead on and support our Partners’ transformation, externalisation and regeneration projects. With the joining of Bexley’s financial services in April 2016, we transformed the service across the three boroughs to make £1.7m in savings and introduce more efficient ways of working. Please click here to view the report.



AR 15-16 2
Annual Report 2015-16

The last financial year we explored having a third council join oneSource and a decision was made to have the London Borough of Bexley’s Finance services join the oneSource family. We supported the partner councils on a number of major programmes and projects to help deliver their corporate goals; and we exceeded our £7.9m savings target. Please click here to view it.



AR 14-15 2
Annual Report 2014-15

See how oneSource achieved first-year savings of £5.4m against a target of £4.1m, why we are a viable alternative to outsourcing due to our flexible approach to on-boarding and the level of savings we can obtain, and how the organisation is being externally recognised for: the efficiencies in practises and processes we’ve implemented, our public sector knowledge and expertise and managing our own talent and providing opportunities. Please click here to view it.